Welcome to Veggie & Spice

We’re busy putting this website together, so should you by chance stumble upon this corner of cyberspace – come back in the Summer of 2018 when it is due to be launched!

What’s coming:

  • plenty of recipes involving many of the best loved spices around the globe – both sweet and savoury
  • a celebration of the best loved world curries
  • information on each of the spices – including storing spices, using them, medicinal and nutritional properties and much more!
  • and no mention of meat or fish at all! Every recipe will be fully vegetarian, and all will either have vegan options or vegan by design.

Who said you need meat and meat stock to make a dish interesting! Everyone can live ethically and sustainably without compromising on flavour. And…..your bank balance will notice the difference too!


You can track the new recipes as they’re being developed by following social media!