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Let me introduce the men behind Veggie & Spice: Seb and Dev! Seb lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he often practices recipe adaptations for friends and family. Dev lives with his partner in Stoke-on-Trent, England, and learnt how to cook in his homeland of India.

Seb Bowden
Seb Bowden

My name is Seb Bowden, and I am passionate about  plant-based food and nutrition.

I’m not a trained chef, a photographer (as clearly evident!) or an expert in anything particular- but I am an avid home-cook who loves exploring world cuisine and making dishes friendly to a plant-based diet.

I’m also a qualified nutritionist having studied nutrition science to postgraduate level – so I always keep in mind the healthier ways to cook, but also able to adapt my scientific knowledge to ensuring a safe way to enjoying plant-based living.

I also write nutrition science blogs, mostly for ItsAboutNutrition.com

Devkumar Bambhania
Devkumar Bambhania

This is Devkumar Bambhania. You can call me Dev!

I love experimenting with regional Indian dishes and other cuisines. After becoming vegan, I realised, many traditional dishes and street food delicacies can be veganised by substituting just a few ingredients!

At the same time, I am not challenging anyone’s views on how the food should be or what makes it traditional enough to be accepted, I humbly believe that the change is the nature of any tradition, and with time, everything flourishes!

I don’t consider myself as an expert, nor am I a trained chef. I simply like to evolve through learning and experiences at this stage. Basically, I graduated in engineering, later I had found my interest in photography and food!

I may not put a big mark and change everything, but I believe, every small step counts! Never stop all small things you do to make a difference. 🙂

May you get more vegan vibes! humble vegan vibes!
Namaste! (“I bow to the divine in you”)

About the blog

We love spices, and many spices have been used over the centuries for medicinal purposes- today, we know that some of these spices are showing promising results in clinical trials for different therapeutic applications.

Whilst using spices in a culinary setting is far too small to have any medicinal effect – we can enjoy them knowing that they maybe be doing much more for us than giving our food a great flavour!

So this site will first bring the world’s dishes to you in a manner suitable for a plant-based lifestyle, using the amazing ingredients typically found in a spice drawer.

There will be loads of hints and tips about cooking, using and preparing spices, and many nutritional posts to help you make the best choices.

There’s a news section too that brings the latest scientific thinking on plant-based diets – which is the only current sustainable diet that is super healthy and protective against a number of (non-infectious) diseases.

There’s always the risk of what we call confirmation bias – the practice of looking for science to back up a personal belief or mode of thinking. So be aware that we are only presenting evidence in favour of plant-based diets.

But the truth is, the academic and policy-making thinking is that whole-food plant-based diet is (currently) the only healthful and sustainable diet.

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